Personalized Fitness is:

Step 1 - Free Consultation:  You get to know us and we get to know you. Where you are in your fitness journey and where you want to go and how to get there is the focus. 

Step 2 - Assessment: The initial assessment allows the coach to gain a deeper understanding of the client. The coach takes the client through a series of tests, including body composition, readiness for training, movement, and work capacity. This provides insight into where you currently sit in your fitness journey. This allows the coach to identify your structural weaknesses, mechanical advantages/disadvantages, and true priorities for training.

Step 3 - Comprehensive Testing: Comprehensive testing is the stage at which the client gains his/her first access to FitBot. The length of testing may vary from several days to multiple weeks, depending on the training age and the desired results. Your coach will assess movement, body composition, work capacity, strength balance, and food profiles, and will then form an actionable training plan that is relevant to the client’s goals.

Step 4 - Coaching Consultation: The coach evaluates the assessment and testing in detail so that the client understands exactly where they are starting and gains knowledge around their training. The coach will address the effects of sleep, recovery, nutrition, and schedule on the long-term objectives by leading the client. The coach provides the client with education around nutrition and guidelines to maximize progress. 

Step 5 - Training: This is where all the fun begins and the real progress is made! The coach builds a training program that is individualized to the client. After a thorough understanding of the client,  the coach designs an individualized prescription. The client is held accountable and the coach can track daily progress and constantly upgrade programming to match the client’s evolving fitness journey.

Ongoing - Monthly Consultations: Once a month, the client has a consult with the coach for a check-in on how the training process and experience is going. This is the coach’s way to ensure consistency, revisit goals and make sure everything is aligned with long-term priorities. This will function as an update and reality check on the client’s lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, stress, family, and social life. The consultation will cover the entire spectrum of the client’s life.

On Site coaching is the perfect way to get into great shape and meet other like-minded individuals on the path to fitness. For more information please click the HERE for your FREE Consultation!